Introducing Content Science


What is content science?

It’s a way to streamline content creation by putting it to a process. 

At Palm Beach Content Co. content science is what we’ve built to create high-quality, custom content. Basically, by simply iterating on our proven processes and not reinventing the wheel every time, we have developed a replicable approach to creating content that delivers. 

We’ve coined the term “content science” because what we have developed is a scientific approach to content creation — based on past experience and observation, and approached as a repeatable process every time. Content science is the base of how we’ve decided to approach a content marketing company. 

How does it work?

Content science works via processes. Everything is a process: from the first meeting with a client to content strategy to final editing. Content science is a creative process, stripped to its most basic components and documented ad nauseam, for the sake of scale duplicability. 

So yes — it’s just a process. But then again, aren’t most things in business just processes? Adopting a process in business is a beneficial way to bring organization and growth. It just happens that we’ve chosen process as our most basic framework. 

The trick lies in using the “science” part to streamline and free up the creativity part for the rest of your project, whatever it may be. Whether it’s writing a How To blog post, or a 10x article about social media marketing tactics, or creating a blog image, the purpose of the process is to simplify creation. As long as you’ve got a clear picture of where you’re going with your content, the process is really just a tool to get you there faster. 

So what does it all mean?

It all means that there’s an opportunity. At Palm Beach Content Co. we use our process — content science — as a way to reliably create custom content for clients. We do so strategically, at a low price, and in a way that makes content marketing attainable for all brands, not just those that can hire an in-house content team or a firm on monthly retainer. 

We are your outsourced content team. Committed to you and your business goals, and completely based in the U.S. (yes, all of us). 

If you’re curious what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. Consultation are always free, and we’ll be happy to connect wit you to discuss your goals — and what content science can do for you.