Cannabis marketing in Florida: What it takes to grow

Marijuana legalization, both recreational and medical, is off to the races here in the U.S. With Florida most recently joining the pack, many are looking to get in on the action. It's only a matter of time before the laws and regulations are all set, and then boom! New medical industry in Florida, land of the retirees. 

I've seen a lot about this the past few months. There are new businesses coming, businessmen looking to get into the medical cannabis industry, and millions of dollars on the table. I have put some thought into this the past few months, and talked about it with other local entrepreneurs. In an exciting new industry that's finally opening up, I've decided to share how you can grow online -- pun intended. 

Cannabis marketing 101

The first challenge you're going to face as a business in the newly minted cannabis industry, especially in Florida, is the stigma of the industry. Marijuana has been stigmatized and vilified for decades -- and there are many people who do believe that it's bad and for bad people. 

This is your first challenge. And how do you overcome it?

With content marketing. 

A content marketing strategy will help with both SEO and education. It allows you to get in front of doubts by providing value, and offering answers as people are asking the questions. 

Marketing marijuana with content

Fighting the stigma starts with education. If you're getting into medical cannabis in Florida, after you have obtained your license, you will need to start by educating your clients. As a doctor, you'll already have an idea of what people ask:

  • What does medical cannabis treat?
  • Are there negative side effects?
  • What are CBDs and how are they different?

These common questions are a great place to start. On your site, provide answers. Create a blog, and fill it with information addressing common questions, as well as other concerns. 

This goes for any faction of the cannabis industry. You're up against lots of preconceptions, both good and bad, true and false. If you want to grow your business, first address these questions and concerns. Not only will you help dispel doubt, but you'll also be building your brand. 

Cannabis SEO

SEO is another vital part of online marketing. For the cannabis industry, it means that there's both little SEO competition and a lot of SEO competition. 

Do a Google search for a cannabis industry term -- you'll see that half of the results are new businesses or blogs, and the other half are news articles. For any business looking to get serious in the cannabis industry, an SEO strategy right now is the best investment you can make. 

This is another reason a cannabis marketing strategy through content will help -- content will both grow your brand, as well as improve your SEO rankings. What more could you want?

Cannabis marketing for you

Here at Palm Beach Content Co. we see all this. We talk about it, among our team and with entrepreneurs across Florida and the U.S. We have an in-house cannabis industry strategist, with industry experience, who's ready to deploy our team of cannabis industry writers for all sorts of cannabis content marketing strategies. 

For entrepreneurs looking to take on the Green Rush, power to you. You're up against some serious challenges, but you're also looking at great opportunities. 

Just, you know, get on that content strategy. The clock is ticking, and there are hundreds more just like you eyeing this new frontier. 


Vanessa C