7 Ways To Stay Competitive With Marketing Trends

Marketing trends in today’s technological world are constantly changing. SEO rules are amended as soon as marketers have optimized their blogs for the previous search engine algorithm. New technologies and platforms are constantly emerging, enabling different forms of content sharing and consumption. Even the growth of mobile searches has transformed marketing into more convenient “on-the-go” content.

The benefit of these changing marketing trends is that there are always new and exciting ways to reach your potential customers.

The challenge is trying to constantly stay up-to-date on current and future marketing trends.

A HubShout 2017 Marketing Trends Survey found that in 2016 50% of small businesses spent between $501 and $2500 per month on digital marketing. 36% spent more than $2500 and 10% spent more than $10,000. But despite this high spend, it’s still not enough. 37% of marketing agencies believe that small businesses don’t spend more on digital marketing because business owners don’t understand marketing trends.

So what can you do to stay updated on marketing trends? How can you ensure you are always ahead of the curve in your marketing campaigns?

Below we give some of the easiest and most accessible resources to streamline your trending marketing campaigns.

1. Marketing publications

Learn about marketing trends right from the source. Publications dedicated to digital marketing are usually the most reliable resources of information about what’s going on in the marketing world. They’re usually filled with news about changes, technologies, and platforms. They also provide strong articles with advice that can help you improve your content strategies.

Our recommendations for marketing publications include;

  • MarketingProfs, which provides training and events for over 600,000 marketing professionals

  • HubSpot Marketing gives top-of-mind marketing news

  • Advertising Age is one of the greatest authorities in print and digital marketing info

  • Adweek tells you everything you need to know about advertising

2. Blogs

Like publications, blogs provide advice on the hottest trends—straight from marketing influencers. Marketing blogs will give you an in-depth, firsthand look at how the trends are functioning out in the world. Moreover, following marketing influencer blogs is a great way to build networks and contacts within the industry.  

Some of our favorite marketing blogs include:

The Palm Beach Content Co. blog is another strong resource. We focus on delivering up-to-date content for writers and marketers by building a one-on-one relationship with each of our readers.

3. LinkedIn

Connect with digital marketing experts on LinkedIn to get posts curated from key influencers. LinkedIn’s Influencer program invites specific influencers to spark conversations on LinkedIn. Following these influencers is a great way to have authoritative opinions from key thought-leaders delivered to you daily.

You can also search LinkedIn’s “Pulse” section. This can help you find relevant news based on topic or publication. Click here to start discovering on LinkedIn.

You should also join a number of LinkedIn groups. These build a network of marketers who are discussing today’s marketing trends. Consider the following LinkedIn marketing groups:

4. Social media

Follow industry leaders and influencers on other social media platforms to see a daily influx of info about digital marketing trends. You can see daily updates right on your feed, or you can search specific hashtags (like #digitalmarketing or #marketingtrends) for curated content. We recommend Twitter and Facebook for fast, updated info and articles.

5. Podcasts

Sick of reading all these blogs and publications? Listen to a podcast while you shower, drive, or clean. This will help you grow your marketing knowledge in a way that is non-intrusive to your life.

Some of the strongest marketing news podcasts include:

6. Google Alerts

Set up Google Alerts for keywords and key phrases. Google will compile daily or weekly emails with the topics relevant to that keyword. These are delivered right to your inbox, so you’re always updated with specific topics of interest. The keywords can be as broad as “digital marketing” or as specific as “dog bowl marketing.”

Google Alerts are a great way to draw inspiration and overcome writers’ block, because you’re constantly seeing new topics and publications.

7. Conferences

Attend marketing conferences nationally or locally. This will give you the opportunity to listen to key influencers debating the future of digital marketing. You’ll hear unique points of view from some of the major thought leaders in the industry.

It’s also a great place to network with other marketers and writers. Often you’ll also find booths or tables from marketing technologies and platforms influencing the digital marketing world.

You can also find marketing “Meetups” in your local area. Meetup.com will help you network with marketers, writers, and business owners near you.

The Bottom Line

One of the best ways to stay up to date on marketing trends?

Don’t do it yourself. Don’t waste time and energy researching daily trends.

If you’re a business owner or head marketer for your company, you likely don’t have the time or resources to constantly be watching marketing trends.

You need a partner who knows content marketing trends inside and out.

Digital marketing is crucial to today’s marketing success—and it’s not going away. For most marketers and business owners, outsourcing this process results in a higher return on time and cost investment.

Contact Palm Beach Content Company now to draw on our expertise with marketing trends. Together, we’ll build a content strategy that will create greater breadth and depth of relationship with your consumers.  

Don’t wait—start your marketing campaign today!  


Allison Hess