How Do I Put A Face On My Content Strategy?

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Customers want to feel like they’re buying from brands that reflect their own personal lifestyle and values. So you want to create a brand that your customers will connect and engage with. The goal of a brand face is authenticity. You want to create a genuine connection with your audience based on trust and shared values.   
But how do you craft a “face” using your content strategy?

Create a content identity.


You don’t actually need a real person to build this personal connection with your customer. The look of the content itself can actually create a “face” for your business. The aesthetic of your blog can alert your customers to your brand. The consistent colors, font, and styles you use can reveal something about your brand. An eco-friendly business might use green fonts frequently. A luxury brand might use gold lettering.   

For example, Apple uses sharp lines with white, black, and silver. This is on their website, content, copy, and even in their storefronts. You can instantly feel the “face” of contemporary innovation when you interact with Apple through digital platforms. They don’t even have a face anymore, but you still know what their brand stands for through its aesthetic.  


You also want to maintain a consistent tone and message. Customers want to feel like they’re having a conversation with your brand. They want the experience of this conversation to stay consistent, so they know how that communication will feel every time they interact with your brand.    

Use emotive drivers to build a brand tone that will relate to your target audience. For example, Wendy’s Twitter is sassy and witty, which has created a more friendly and approachable brand for this around-the-corner fast food chain.  

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Show your founder.

Customers care about the founding, mission statement, and values of your brand. Oftentimes, your products and services aren’t all that unique or novel. What really compels someone to buy is the story behind the service.

So don’t be afraid to use your founder or leaders as the face of your business. They likely embody your brand most deeply, so they are a good representation of what your brand stands for. Include quotes from leaders in your content. Show pictures or videos of them. Discuss how and why they are involved in the business.

Customers want to feel there’s a single point person for the brand that they can connect with. For example, Elon Musk is the face of Tesla and SpaceX because he is the key embodiment of their eccentric, tech-driven business. That’s also why Flo from Progressive is so effective. She’s just a marketing persona, but she represents the face and personality of the business.

Find an influencer.  

You can even use a third party as the face of your brand. If you have a smaller business, partnering with an influencer in your industry can give you an instant boost of personality. Influencers already have a following who know and trust them. When your business partners with influencers, you’re showing their followers that you have a similar mission and personality.  

It’s like saying you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. The people with whom your business builds public relationships will tell your audience who you are and what you stand for.

Leverage social media.

A good content strategy will reuse and repurpose content effectively. That means you can post part of your blog on your Instagram post caption, or you can share a post through your Facebook Story. You can use social media to build emotional connections with your customers, while spreading the reach and visibility of your content.

Social media is one of the best ways to put a face on your content strategy. It helps you build a visual aesthetic with images and posts, but it also offers direct communication with viewers. Your audience can comment and DM you. You can post stories and Live videos that customers can engage with. Social media opens up the lines of conversation, which makes your brand more approachable and accessible.

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Don’t shy away from video.

Video is becoming increasingly popular for small businesses. It’s dominating digital marketing because of its personalized interaction with customers.

Video is also a great way to display your brand face. The people in your video represent your business. Whether it’s employee conversations, behind-the-scenes fun, or client testimonials, you’re presenting a message and voice in the video. This tells viewers who you are and the message you’re looking to get across.  

Video can have a lot of advantages in building your brand, especially when paired with a strong written content strategy. A marriage of the written and visual is showing the greatest success in branding and marketing. Learn how to use video and written together here.

Be the face.

Building a brand is about putting a face and personality on a faceless business. Your customers want to connect with you on an intimate level, which stems from building a brand that takes on the traits of a human persona.

What does your brand look like to your audience?

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