How To Use Local Marketing To Target Your Customers

The rise of the digital era has enabled a worldwide customer base. While this can help grow and scale your business, there’s also immense value in targeting a local micro-audience. Small businesses especially can find new opportunities by establishing themselves as the local authority in their industry.

Look at Palm Beach Content Co. as an example. We provide content and marketing services to businesses all across the nation. Alongside our national approach, though, we also have a local focus in the Palm Beaches.

Homegrown businesses trust us to market and present their brands within the local area, because we are a part of the community ourselves. Our local clients know exactly where their content is coming from and where it’s going.

Like Palm Beach Content Co., you too can utilize the local community market to grow your business in both micro and macro forms.  

It’s easier to become a giant in the nation if you’re already a giant in your local area.

So how can you utilize local marketing to your advantage?

1. Know your audience.

Even toilet paper doesn’t have a universal audience. You want to define a specific audience to ensure you are targeting the correct market. The more specific you are about your ideal customer’s psychographics and demographics, the better you’ll be able to hit your marketing metrics and objectives.  

Learn how to define your target audience here.

2. Attend local events.

Physical proximity means you can easily gain face-to-face exposure within your community. Get out in their area and get your business name known.

Attend local craft and trade shows, speaking events, or vendor fairs. Teach a seminar at the community college or local university. Gather a team for a local fundraiser.

You can work at local events as a vendor or go as an attendee. As a vendor, you can focus on marketing your business and boosting visibility. As an attendee, you can improve your networking and establish yourself a staple within the community.

Be sure to bring business cards and be friendly. Don’t focus on selling at events, though. Your goal should be to connect with other local businesses, partners, and clients. Don’t sell your product. Sell your locality and brand name.

3. Host a local event.

Hosting a local event allows you to bring your community together—centered around your business. This is a great way to get your name out there while meeting other local businesses.

It can be a small gathering in your storefront or a large event in the local rec center. Come up with a unifying idea or theme. We recommend hosting either a conference with speakers and vendors or a fundraiser for a cause that means something to your business. A conference demonstrates your credibility in the field, while a fundraiser shows your commitment to the community and your business mission.  

Promote the event. Create a Facebook event, make flyers, post it on your website, and tell your friends. Don’t be worried about a low turnout. Even a few attendees can learn, connect, and spread the word about your awesome event and brand. Putting on a great event leads to great results, no matter how big or small.

4. Optimize on search engines.

List your business on Yelp and Google Business. This helps your organization appear in mobile “near me” searches when local customers are looking for products and services nearby.

The "near me” search trend is exploding, where customers are interested in finding local businesses for same-day purchasing. Optimizing on this feature not only gets your business seen in local searches, but it also attracts a customer making instantaneous purchasing decisions.

Don’t just list your name on local directories. Add pictures, information, websites, reviews, and content. This shows searchers that you are a legitimate business that cares about your local image. The more content they see, the more they’ll trust your business.

5. Create stellar content.

Blogging is one of the best ways to connect to your local community. For example, you can blog about local events or happenings as a way of linking your brand to the wider community voice. You can also use articles and how-to pieces to provide additional value to your neighbors.

For example, you have a dog walking business in Palm Beach. You could write an article about how to care for your dogs after they’ve been on the beach. This informs local dog owners about best practices while also positioning your business as an authority in the field—and in your beachside community.

Blogs are especially shareable on social media, which can help boost your word-of-mouth marketing.

You also want to create other types of content, like white papers and press releases. White papers and case studies about clients in your community are a great way to show businesses how you can add value to their network. Newspaper stories and press releases boost visibility while incorporating your name in the local conversation.

6. Join industry groups.    

Facebook and LinkedIn are great ways to network with other businesses, partners, and potential clients. You can join groups based on your city or state to reach a local market, or you can find professional groups to connect with others in your industry.

This is a great opportunity to see what events and meet-ups are occurring. It also allows you to network with other business owners.

Groups are a great platform to post your blogs and content. This helps you provide value to your community while increasing impressions and brand awareness.

Tip: Don’t use groups to find clients. Use groups to find partners. Most Facebook and LinkedIn groups won’t let you overtly solicit or market. However, these are great opportunities to post information that can get your name out there and meet other local business owners.

7. Use local businesses.

If you want local clients to use your business, you should also purchase from other local businesses. This shows that you’re willing to give back to the community.

If you’re looking to create a marketing video, use a local video editing company. If you need blog content, look for a local content creator like PBCCo.

This not only shows that you’re supporting the local community, but it’s also a great way to strengthen your ties to the community. If you purchase from local businesses, those organizations are more likely to use you or to recommend you to their clients.

This give-and-take creates a network of local businesses that boosts your city’s economy.


Appealing to the local customer boosts your word-of-mouth marketing, which is one of the strongest methods of impressions and conversion.

Establishing yourself as a local expert positions your business as an authority with quality services, products, and value. When you become a staple of a micro-community, you can better extend and scale this reach to the wider statewide or nationwide community.

Are you in the Palm Beach area looking for a local community?

Contact PBCCo.! We are at the heart of the Palm Beach economy, and we’d love to bring you into our local group!

Don’t wait to get involved. Contact us today to join a local network of successful business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and clients.

Allison Hess